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Duncan Bridgeman (1 Giant Leap, What About Me?) weaves a beautiful and rhythmic cinematic tapestry composed of original songs, conversations, reflections, wisdom and humour featuring many of the greatest performers and sharpest minds of Mexico today.

Hecho en Mexico is a documentary on some of contemporary Mexico's most iconic artists and performers.

Hecho en Mexico is a documentary on some of contemporary Mexico’s most iconic artists and performers.

The film showcases the richness of Mexican music both young and old, from traditional music to pop rock and rap blended with interviews from Diego Luna, Lila Downs and many more leading personalities. The result is an inspiring and often funny musical road trip through modern day “Mexicanity”, which resonates globally.

Words from Director Duncan Bridgeman
Producer Bernardo Gomez saw my last movie “What about me?” and invited me to come to Mexico to make a film that would reflect the beauty and creativity of Mexican Culture. The whole process has taken 18 months. l‘m so proud of what has happened. As an outsider l came to Mexico with a clear intention to find and document a Mexico that no-one is talking about. l spent a year travelling around the country with a small crew, some music l’d composed for musicians to improvise and build upon, and some questions on the universal themes of life. My Job was simply to seek out the inspirational and collect as many creative jewels as l could to build a unique audio visual tapestry. As soon as l arrived here that‘s what hit me, that Mexicans are still proud to be Mexican, whatever the media is saying…

Words from Producer Lynn Fainchtein
Music in one or more of its various forms, is one of the arts  that certainly defines our humanity. ln fact, defines the best of us. Music is present in most of our lives and, at some  level, is essential in our culture. You could say that music is  the soul of society.

Throughout my careerl have always been convince that  music is passion, a big passion, an essential source of  renewal, meaning and joy: music as a source and proof of life.

In these hard times our country is going through, nothing works best than to remember and be reminded that we are  not only violence, but to recognize ourselves as a, community that shares a vast spiritual and creative energy reflected through our music, thoughts and opinions.

In Made in Mexico, music does not come alone. It is accompanied by diverse and respected voices which LW” Ffllllclltelll highlights what is important: life, death, health and fear.

During the 3 months of pre-production and 12 months of shooting we travelled the country from North to South, East to West, to find the sounds and characters that composed this portrait of ourselves.

There were no surprises. We found what l‘ve known always: Mexico is a well of great musicians and thinkers, both known and unknown. We found and spoke with wise people all over the land. We went to big cities. to ranches, shopping centers. traditional ceremonies, rock ‘n’ roll studios. hide-outs for cumbieros and ruinberos. We visited bars and homes.

The result is far richer than we imagined. We went out to look for hope and came back overwhelmed and euphoric. This is what we want to share. because whatever may happen we will always have music.

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